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Louise is an excellent mediator. She was able to construct a dialogue and conversation which enabled me to resolve communication issues. In addition she took the time to find out the real issues from all parties and then organised for these issues to be resolved in an environment which was fair, reasonable and outcome driven. As a mediator, she was firm but very fair. No one monopolised the conversation and we both felt at ease. I had some issues which needed resolution after a long period of inaction. Louise succeeded where others had failed.


Louise has been a great support to our business on a number of fronts, including one on one leadership coaching and dealing with staff behavioural issues.  Louise has a pragmatic approach, is well liked by our staff and has the ability to reach outcomes that meet both Management and the employee needs.  We have worked with Louise successfully over the last couple of years and she has shown the utmost level of professionalism and respect to everyone she has come in contact with.

Claire Willemse

People and Culture Manager, Tassal

Louise provided us with very relevant and easy to understand information and presented the information in a manner that encouraged and allowed us to discuss and clarify points, ask questions and become engaged in a manner that was positive.

Fran, Hobart Family Relationships Centre

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